[Infographic] 3 Basics of Living a Healthy Life

Leading a health life and getting and staying fit isn’t rocket surgery. It’s really basic.

There’s a ton of information out there about how to lose weight and get in shape, but if you really focused on the three basics below, you’d see tremendous gains.

  1. Exercise Regularly: Duh! Right? But how many people get 30 minutes of exercise a day? According to our cardiac and obesity numbers, most people do not.
  2. Drink a lot of water: Pretty simple stuff. According to a report by CBS, up to 75% of Americans fall short of the recommended 10 daily cups. Most people are walking around dehydrated and wonder why their energy levels are low.
  3. Eat Healthy Food: This could be tricky if you let it. You know what healthy food is. It’s not fried. It’s not full of sugar. It’s whole and has little to no processing. It’s definitely NOT at a take-out or drive thru joint. Don’t let all the latest diets confuse the issue. Eliminate the garbage in your diet first and then worry about ‘macros’ and ‘micros’.

Check out this infographic to help you stay on track. Download it. Print it.