How I Fried My Nutribullet and How You Can Avoid It

I had only had it for a few months. It was nice and shiny blue. Even as it smoked on the counter, it still looked super cool. It was the last time I got to use it. Ever.

The How Comes Later

Health and fitness is a key to my success and happiness. I love being fit and so does my wife.

I’ve experimented with all kinds of different things and many times I’ve just gone at it alone to make mistakes freely. My experiment into creating my own green drink was no different. I didn’t exactly know how to create what I wanted, but I was sure to find out. For better or worse.

I’d heard people talk about “green drinks” all the time but never had one myself. As I became more passionate about my workout routine, I found that a shake of some sort would be a perfect fit after my exercise.

But I didn’t really know what was ideal. Then it hit me. A freakin’ green drink might just be the ticket! But where the hell do you start with a recipe that only contained “green drink?”

I did a little research on Google, picked out a few ingredients, and pulled an old dusty single serving shake maker from 1979 out of the kitchen cabinet. It was a start.

My Ingredients

I first started with some basic stuff.

  •     Spinach or Kale
  •     Banana and Greek Yogurt
  •     Frozen Fruit (strawberries, pineapple, peaches, etc.)
  •     Water and Milk

Some green stuff, like spinach or kale, to make it green seemed good. Green…check.

Then I knew it needed substance, so I added a banana and plain Greek yogurt to give it both some necessary vitamins and nutrients with a healthy dose of protein. Substance…check.

If I was going to drink this after working out, it had better taste decent. I added some frozen fruit, like strawberries, pineapple and peach to give it a taste and a chill. Taste…check.

It wasn’t going to be very smoothie without some type of liquid, so I tried half whole milk and half water. Smoothie texture…check.

I put all these ingredients into my 1979 blender and let it rip. It took some time and the blender did the twist on the counter for a few seconds, but it got the job done and I had my green drink. It was very green!

But it could have tasted better. Perhaps my quantities were off. That’s how trial and errors goes, I suppose.

The Evolution

Not longer after my initial test, I quickly realized the 1979 blender from the back corner of my kitchen cabinet wasn’t cutting it. I needed more power to accommodate my growing list of ingredients.

Enter the NutriBullet 600. This thing shined with a nice blue, metallic color and looked like it could really chew through some stuff. And compared to the old thing I was using, it did. The more it kicked butt and made shake from whole foods, the more ambitious I became.

My evolved grocery list included, but not was not limited to:

  •     More Kale
  •     One Whole Banana
  •     Hand Full of Almonds
  •     More Frozen Fruit
  •     Yogurt
  •     Almond Milk
  •     Chia Seeds
  •     Cottage Cheese
  •     Small Scoop Protein Powder (sometimes)

The Smoke

So the Nutribullet 600 with its 20 ounce capacity was quickly fading. Until.

Smoke came pouring out of the back. The base got hot. The blades stopped turning. And the room smelled like burnt electrical stuff. I’d fried it with too much goodness. And my shake was only half blended. I ate it with a spoon. It wasn’t good.

I was bummed. I had come to rely on my green drink for breakfast and especially as a reward after my workout. What the heck was I going to do now?

The Upgrade

I upgraded to the NutriBullet 900, of course. That one is still going, but sometimes I wonder. I now have a 30 ounce cup to fill! And I fill it. Even the 900 shakes and shimmies a bit under my grocery list. I think eventually I’ll have to upgrade that one, too, but not yet.

So What?

My green drink has become a staple of my routine and I credit it with a lot of my fat loss and lean muscle development. I essentially fast from dinner (around 6:30 pm) to my green drink (around 9:00 am). My body is dying for some energy after a hard workout on an empty stomach and the green drink delivers what I need.

This was a fun and funny story to share with you, but there is a serious point to be made. Finding the little things in your health and fitness routine can make big differences, but they need to be sustainable. They need to be easy to enough to keep them going. I’m a bit of a fanatic, so my green drink foray didn’t deter me.

However, if you’re not willing to go through the trial and error and spend $100 to burn up a blender, then perhaps it’s best to do some research and find your “green drink.” There are plenty of options out there at many different price points. It really depends on what your body needs and what you are using it for.

Feel free to check out Organifi’s Green Juice to get your research started. Everyone is different and everyone’s needs are different. Find what works for you to build that most important pillar of success: health and fitness.