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15 Army Leaders Share 11 Leadership Lessons

LEADERSHIP IN TODAY’S ARMY How today’s Soldiers approach team building and mission success through leadership. It was 7pm, the room was well lit and the soldiers looked at me with little emotion. If the room had been dimly lit and smoke filled it would have been more dramatic. I could see that it was late […]

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13 Ways to Know if You’re a Victim or a Leader

Victim vs Leader The most successful people in life are not victims. They are leaders. They lead their families, themselves, their co-workers, their companies and they take responsibility. They manifest greatness because they lead themselves and they take risks. Here are 13 ways to be a victim and 13 ways to be a leader. Which […]

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5 Reasons You’re Not Rich (Yet)

There are five reasons you’re not rich yet. There may be others, but these are the fundamentals that are keeping you from realizing your financial freedom. It’s time to take back what you deserve. 1. You’re thinking about what you don’t have, not what you have and will have in the future. What you focus […]

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